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There are no refunds for paid subscriptions as the Basic subscription gives your business a free trial of our platform at no cost.  

N/A 199.00 399.00 599.00
Yearly Subscription Paid Monthly  Includes GST and $2.00 banking costs)  

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There are no refunds for paid subscriptions as the Basic subscription gives your business a free trial of our platform at no cost.  

N/A 19.41 36.91 54.41
Daily Investment if paid yearly 5%  including GST for subscription purchase only.  N/A 0.57 1.15 1.72
Order of Display applies to all subscription types.  See More.  3 2 1
Your next renewal is after one year but only if your profile has received the required amount of guaranteed views. See More

Every view tabulated for the business owner in their private content management area.  See More

N/A  200  400 800
All Subscriptions can refer others and receive compensation for their referral.  See Our Referral Program.    Referrals could lower your monthly payment to just $19.41 for the Top 2 subscriptions or you can get credits for custom videos that you will own outright.  Yes  Yes    Yes  Yes 
Our platform works with businesses that are legal and licensed, and contractors who have liability insurance and worker's comp coverage. It is not for businesses with poor reviews or F-Ratings with Better Business Bureau. 

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See the video. 

Please note that a business may have an Information Only profile which displays what consumers would see if they checked the business on the internet.  The business has the right to ask for archival on our database on demand. 

Yes   Yes  Yes  Yes
No Risk to Legitimate Business Owners. Business Archival occurs on request. Risk only occurs to the business owner that lists credentials that they do not possess or approves reviews that are not true customers.    See More  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 
Number of Subcategories Cannot be a category subcontracted out to others. What are the category limitations?  1 40 40 40
The number of City or Town Trade Areas.  Please note that the business must serve those areas.   See More.  1 5 10 20
The number of PDF Uploads. Gives your business profile much more information to consumers that they can download.    N/A  10 10 10
The number of Image Uploads allows the business owner to add content that the consumer can view for more clarification. N/A  24 24 24
The number of YouTube or Vimeo Videos embedded directly into your profile. N/A  10 10 10
Get more leads with our Consumer Equote system which allows the consumer to ask for quotes from 10 companies at one time. This is coming in August 2017. Customer will be able to select up to 10 businesses at once to ask for quotes. N/A  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Place links in your information fields.  All links will shorten to produce a professional presentation similar to what you would see with bitly.  N/A  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Use the Discount Field area as a link to show promotions that your business has for consumers.  Can also be used as plain text,  or you can refer to a PDF coupon that you place in your profile.  N/A  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Use the Now Hiring Field area as a link to show that you are looking for staff.  Can be a link to a job website or your own website.  Can also be used as plain text,  or you can refer to a PDF coupon that you place in your profile.  N/A  Yes  Yes  Yes 
New Account Management system now allows more than one manager to monitor and change multiple listing for your business and or business branches.  This gives the business owner less stress and lets them assign staff to monitor and change information in the profile See More Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Business Manages Their Reviews See More.   Find out instantly if there are issues and correct problems with legitimate customers rather than respond to fake reviews or reviews from competitors.  Yes Yes Yes  Yes 
Custom PDF development so that your business can attract reviews easily through email, invoices, and other avenues.  N/A  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Place links to all your review sites.  Once placed they cannot be deleted. Site Admin controls Links to Other Review Sites and will add any that are missed.  This adds credibility to your business, the Site, and everything is in one place.  See More Yes Yes  Yes Yes
Place all your credentials into your profile so that consumers can separate you from your competition. Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Place links to all your Social Media.   Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Place links to all your affiliations including BBB and Chamber of Commerce.  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
 Enter all your data about your business so that you can send all your information in one link  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 
Account Cancellation Occurs with F-Rating with BBB  See More Yes  Yes Yes  Yes
Add optional 30 Second Custom Video. Your video is yours permanently. Increase your video length for only $150 for each additional 30 seconds of content. 

See the examples here. 

N/A 450.00 450.00 450.00
Add Reputation Management Software to your Subscription for a monthly charge plus GST and PST if applicable.  What is Reputation Management?  N/A 49.00 49.00 49.00
Add Social Media Sofware to your subscription for a monthly charge plus GST and PST if applicable.  N/A  25.00 25.00 25.00
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