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708-1188 Pinetree Way
British Columbia, V3B 0K9
Phone: 604 398-5576
Cell: 604 398-5576

Contact: Annie Lin

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Appliance Repair Coquitlam

(In business since 2017)


Since opening our doors in 2017, we have helped hundreds of homeowners get their broken appliances professionally repaired, without breaking a sweat. Trust you top-rated local appliance repair company to ensure that your appliance is back up and running if it ever breaks down on you. Whether it's a washer or a fridge, we're here to help, and help we will! Give us a call today at 604-398-5576 to book a Same or Next day repair appointment, where one of our technicians will come out to diagnose your broken household appliance, give you the rundown on the options you have in getting it fixed, and help you make sure that it's fixed the first time around, without any need for repeat calls and further expenses. If you put your trust in our company, you will find peace of mind knowing that your precious appliance is in great hands while working with one of our professional technicians.

What Makes Us Different

We don't charge any "by the book" fees or additional hidden costs on our service calls, our pricing is transparent and our technicians are honest. We help our clients fix their appliances quickly, professionally and at a reasonable cost. That's why we're the top-rated local appliance repair company in Coquitlam, rated 5/5 stars by the local community.


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