Please note that if you are using a smartphone, this page is best viewed in landscape mode or desktop mode.  A tablet or desktop works best because of the amount of information required.  Marketing staff will need to have the permission of the owner to place business with account status as well as knowledge of the business entity and business credentials such as legal and licensing status.  

There are no refunds for any paid product or services. The Site provides a free basic account to the business owner to evaluate our platform.   
See all subscription types in greater detail.  

See Current Canada Listings and Categories.

Apply Online or use the  Safe & Trusted Application.  Payments are by credit card or PAD through a chequing account.  Annual payments may be made by email transfer of funds.  

Features and Benefits Basic Plus  Standard Advanced Professional
Annual Subscription Add 5% GST.    0.00 99.00 199.00 399.00 599.00
Monthly  Subscription 
Includes 5% GST and $2.00 banking costs.  
N/A 10.66 19.41 36.91 54.91
Daily Investment if paid yearly (no taxes) for an annual subscription  0.00 0.27 0.55 1.09 1.64
Order of Display.  See More.  4 3 2 1
Number of Subcategories  
What are the category limitations? 
2 20 30 40 60
The number of City or Town Trade Areas.  Please note that the business must serve those areas.
See More. 
1 5 10 20 40
The number of Image Uploads  N/A N/A 06 12 24
The number of YouTube or Vimeo Videos linking in your profile. N/A N/A 1 05 10
The number of PDF Uploads.   N/A N/A 1 05 10
Add Reputation Management Software with Review Generation.  to your Subscription for a monthly charge plus GST and PST if applicable. 
What is Reputation Management? 
N/A 39.00 39.00 39.00 39.00
Add Social Media Sofware to your subscription for a monthly charge plus GST and PST if applicable.    Get the Social Media Platform N/A 29.00 29.00 29.00 29.00
Add optional 60 Second Custom Video.  Paid Yearly
See the examples here
N/A 599.00 550.00 499.00 449.00
Get more leads with our Consumer Equote system. N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes
Use the Now Hiring Field    N/A Yes  Yes Yes Yes
Use Discount Field.  Displays for your trade area N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes
Every view tabulated for the business owner in their private content management area.   See More Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 
Our accounts platform works with businesses that are legal and licensed.  

It is not for businesses with poor reviews or F-Ratings with the Better Business Bureau. 

See More    

Yes   Yes Yes  Yes  Yes
No Risk to Legitimate Business Owners. Business Archival occurs on requestcustomers.
See More
 Yes Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 
New Account Management system now allows more than one manager to monitor profile.
 See More
Yes  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 
Business Manages Their Reviews
 See More.  
Yes Yes Yes Yes  Yes 
Place links to all your review sites
 See More
Yes Yes Yes  Yes Yes
Place all your credentials into your profile so that consumers can separate you from your competition. Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Place links to all your Social Media.   Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more Yes  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 
Place plain text into the affiliations area indicating all the affiliations for your business.   Yes  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 
Enter all your data about your business so that you can send all your information in one link  Yes Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 


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