20 Key Elements of Safe and Trusted Canada

What are the key elements and possible differences between Safe and Trusted Canada and some other options available?  

Safe and Trusted Canada has been working with business owners for over 12 years.  We listened to them very closely over those years with the intent of solving issues for their business.  

We understood that not every business owner has a marketing guru, nor the money to market their business and sometimes they cannot pay huge amounts of marketing dollars when they are just starting out in business. 

We also understand that every business owner starting out will not have the same history of a major company.  Major companies are sometimes faced with major downturns in the economy, threats of trade wars, and other issues that they cannot control. 

Safe and Trusted Canada believes that consumers choose companies based on word of mouth. Word of mouth accelerates quickly on the internet.

The business website, social media, review site history, affiliations and more will have a positive or negative effect on the overall success of the business owner.

Some attributes of our Site that may be different are as follows

1) A business can ask for removal from the Site at any time. See Exceptions

2) The Site starts with an Information Only profile based on what the consumer would readily find on the internet.  This can be removed instantly as the business owner cannot violate issues mentioned in the exceptions above. This is different to other Sites that capture the information and then keep that information forever. 

3) The Site provides public links to Google Reviews, Better Business Bureau and Safe and Trusted Canada.  It does this to show impartiality.  The Site provides private links to trademarked sites to the business owner.   

4) The Site platform highlights a platform where the business owner with an account can clearly articulate what makes them different. This is something that is often missed on business websites.  Other additional areas include their about us information.  The business can list all their contact information, as well as all the business credentials.

5) The Site allows the business owner with account access to list links to all their affiliations, the business website, as well as other contact information. The Site gives the owner of the business the ability to use the Safe and Trusted Logo link from their website to their platform on Safe and Trusted Canada. 

6) The Site allows those with premium accounts more presentation options including up to 10 PDF uploads, 24 images, and up to 10 Youtube links.  The distinct advantage of this is that more information is immediately available to the consumer that may not be possible on some business websites. 

7) The Site has its own review system that is controlled by the business owner. It is controlled by the business owner as a means of managing their business.  The business owner decides on the reviews that are posted.  In this way,  they can always be on top of their business and not worry about the potential content of the review.  They can send out the review link through email, their phone, or give it to their staff to give to the consumer.  This encourages reviews on every transaction your business has and as a business owner, you need this to ensure you are not blindsided. 

8) Remember the previous days before the internet and instant reviews. Remember the sign at the counter asking customers to tell everyone if the business had served them well, but asking the customer to tell the business owner immediately when they had not.  Our process gives the business owner that ability while giving the customer immediate access to other review sites to post a review if there is no response from the proprietor of the business.

10) Every business profile reminds the consumer and the business that Safe and Trusted Canada does not validate, recommend or accredit a business.

11) All transactions and interactions are between the business owner and the consumer.  Safe and Trusted Canada does not offer mediation services or arbitration services.   There is no fail-safe system offered to the consumer. 

12)  A business may be an Information Only profile, but may be turned down for account access. The business does not qualify for an account if they have poor reviews or does not sufficient information available for this site to be a benefit to consumers.  Our target group is legitimate businesses that are licensed.  If the business has information that we need to verify, then they can apply once verification has been received.

13)  Consumers can search for credentials using our automatic search functions which filter so that it meets the criteria required by the user. 

14)  Safe and Trusted Canada does not give the business an automatic grade or star rating. All ratings must be initiated by consumers or anyone having a financial transaction with the business. 

15)  Safe and Trusted Canada does not use algorithms.  

16)  Safe and Trusted Canada offers premium account holders some new abilities.  The Site focuses on what makes the business different, and who is the ideal client of the business.  The business owner has an unlimited linking power to affiliations, job websites, as well as the ability to place discounts into their profile that can readily be searched by consumers from home. page.  All the links are reduced in length to give a perfect presentation of the business. 

17)  Please note that we now have Discount and Promotions categories as well as Job posting ability on the Site as a new feature.

18)  The differences between one subscription level and another are the number of subcategories, the number of trade areas, and position in the database provincially, by category and by city or town trade area.  The credibility of the business is not suggested by subscription level.

19)  Safe and Trusted Canada can provide an excellent platform to advertise and manage your business. Great businesses have the ability to shine so that their trust levels are readily apparent. The platform gives the consumer everything about the business in one place. 

20) Safe and Trusted Canada now offers other software options including Reputation Management and Social Media Marketing with competitive pricing and in Canadian dollars. Remember we are a Canadian business. 

The Site automatically reduces the subscription to an Information Only profile should the subscription be cancelled.  The business may also be archived.  See When We Archive a Business.

See YouTube Video Protect Your Interests as a Consumer


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